Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review - Prophecy Girl by Faith McKay

About the book:
Ever since Samantha Winthrop's mother moved them to Lacuna Valley, supposedly in search of better weather, the list of strange questions she has no answers for has been growing out of control.

Does her little sister, Violet, have the ability to make things happen just by "praying" for them? Are Sam's dreams really predicting the future? Is she destined to marry the boy she just met, and what is the mysterious orb that he's guarding? Why does she get the impression that there are dangerous creatures watching from the woods?

While Sam should be focusing on answering those questions, there is one other that makes them seem almost irrelevant: Is her mother planning on killing her and Violet?


Sam is just like any teenager looking to fit in at a new school, something she has to do quite often, but will this time it be different?  Except for the fact that her mother is very abusive towards her and uses Violet to get what she wants.  You see from the outside Sam and her sister are just like any kid out there except Sam has dreams that sometimes seem like they actually happen and well Violet can make things happen just by praying for it. 

Then walks in Nick who seems to know things about Sam’s family but won’t tell her and in comes the romance part of the story.  Just like any typical teenage romance they have their ups and downs but are the downs really “typical”? 

Sam must come to grips with the fact that her mother is trying to kill her and perhaps Violet in order to obtain ultimate power.  Nick is destined to be her husband (which in itself is hard for Sam to come to grips with) and there are other “things” out there in the world that she didn’t know about (werewolves, seasonals, etc.)

All in all this story was good, I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn’t put the book down.  I wanted to know what will happen to Sam; will her mother kill her or would Sam find a way to stop her; what will happen between Nick and Sam.  At the end of the book I was yearning for more, I can’t wait until the next book of the series comes out!  I definitely recommend this one!

Until next time, happy ready :)

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