Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review - "Gothic - Ten Original Dark Tales" by Variuos Authors

About the book:

A lovesick count and the ghost of his brutalized servant . . . a serial killer who defies death . . . a house with a violent mind of its own and another that holds a grotesque secret within its peeling walls. Here are witches who feast on faces, changeling rites of passage, a venerable vampire
contemplating his end, and a fanged brat who drains the patience of a bumbling teenage boy. Here too are a flamboyant young novelist in search of a subject more compelling than his own eerie existence and
the daughter of a sorcerer fighting to free her lover — and her will — from sinister bonds. Enter the world of GOTHIC!, a celebration of the literary form made famous by such writers as Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe.


I got through about 4 stories in this book and had to stop.  The stories were dull and I found myself not really paying attention and struggling to get through them (they are only about 20 pages each).  I definitely wouldn't recommend this book to anyone and will be bringing it to my local used book store

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