Monday, March 25, 2013

Review - "Ghost Hand (The PSS Chronicles" by Ripley Patton


Book Description

Olivia Black just discovered that her ghost hand, a rare birth defect, can do more than light up a room. It can reach into people and pull things out. Things from the darkest depths of the human psyche never meant to exist in this world.

Olivia can pickpocket the soul.

But she can't control her ability, or the strange items it extracts, and the only thing between Olivia and the men bent on taking the power of her hand is a boy she barely knows and doesn't trust.

Olivia Black was born with a rate birth defect called PSS (Psyche Sans Soma) in her hand, which she calls her ghost hand (that’s right, you can see through it).  Everything has been going fine up until one day during class her hand starts stretching and reaches into the girl in front her pulling out a baggie of razar blades.  The moment this happens, the world as Olivia knows it is turned upside down and is now being chased by man who are hell bent on taking the power of her PSS from her.  Olivia is then forced reluctantly to start letting Marcus, a boy whom she barely knows and is very unsure if she can trust him, help her escape from the men and protect her hand.

When I first got this book I was unsure of how the story would be told and I was very skeptical as it’s not the typical type of book I would go for.  However, right from the beginning I was drawn into the world of PSS and wanting to learn more about the powers that Olivia is finding out she possess through her hand.  I wanted to find out what role Marcus played in all of this and if it truly was because of his friend David and the list he has acquired from the CAMFer’s (the men after the individuals with PSS).  I was sad to see the book end and wanted to know where Olivia was going and if she would be able to learn more about her PSS’ abilities and how things would progress with Marcus.  All in all the book is very well written and the story progresses very smoothly.  I didn’t feel like anything was being drawn out of if there wasn’t enough information (things I questioned where answered later on in the book).  There is still a lot to learn about Olivia, Marcus and PSS that I can not wait until the next book

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  1. Thanks Tanya. I'm so glad you liked Ghost Hand despite your initial reservations. I am madly working on book two, Ghost Hold, with a release date of September 2013.