Monday, February 25, 2013

Review - "Soulmate" by LJ Smith

About the book:
The psychiatrist was supposed to help. But what came out of the age regressions were memories of another time, another life. And of a stranger who tore her world apart... a vampire who killed a village in his rage. Until, in the eyes of a dying human girl, he recognized his soulmate.
Now the stranger is back. He has searched for Hannah throughout the years, trying to make amends, waiting for her to be born. Now he is Thierry, the Lord of the Night World-- and nothing in heaven or hell will keep him from his soulmate again. But if her destiny is death, can even Theirry's love protect her?

Hannah Snow is your typical 16 year old teenage, she had the perfect life except one thing she kept having dreams and finding notes, which were written by her and containing warnings of upcoming danger.

Hannah finds herself going to a psychiatrist to try and figure out why she keeps having the dreams and finding the notes.  Events seem to esculate when a wolf jumps through the office window trying to kill Hannah.  Her psychiatrist and her decide to do hypnosis in order to find out why these things happen to her…What she didn’t realize is that in these regressions she would see a vampire that killed a village and herself in a previous life.  This stranger realizes when it’s too late that he has found his soulmate.    This strange is Thierry, Lord of the Night World.

Thierry has followed Hannah through all of her lives each of them ending in her death before she is seventeen.  It is up to Hannah to figure out why this happening, whether or not she should trust her feelings for Thierry, and how she can stop her imprending death.

This book had me from the beginning and I soon found that I was longing to see what would happen next to Hannah and if she would realize that Thierry was her soulmate.  I definitely would recommend this story to anyone who loves anything supernatural .

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