Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review - "Enchantment" by Charlotte Abel

About the book:
Channie Belks is trying to hide the fact she's a witch.

Sorta hard to do after her parents slap a chastity curse on her for flirting with "dirty-minded, non-magical, city-boys." She can't even walk by a hot guy without zapping him.

There's a way to break the curse; but one mistake could kill her. It's not worth the risk ... until she meets a certain BMX champion named Josh.

Suddenly, the threat of death isn't such a deal-breaker.


Enchantment “Channie” Belts is not your typical teenager, she is a witch.  Channie’s life is turned upside down when her parents up and pack all of the family so they can go into hiding from a very powerful witch family.

Once they have moved to Arkansas to hide out, Channie’s parents are worried that she will turn out like her sister Abby (which is short for Abundance….great name huh?   These types of names are called “Power Names” which simply means that their powers are derived from their name) who had triplets.  In order to stop Channie’s possible fate her parents change her power named to Chastity (another great name….Chastity Belts, poor girl)

Since Channie is unsure of what Chasity’s powers will be like, she goes to the nearest park to test them out and that is where she meets Josh, a BMX racer.  Their relationship is slow to take off but having to deal with the normal teenage “drama”, the change of her power name to Chasity. 

Throughout the story, their love is tested and retested and it comes down to what they will sacrifice in order to be with each other forever.

I have to say at first it was hard for me to get into with all the talk about power names and how she hated her parents.  However as the story went on I got more into it and couldn’t put the book down,  I wanted to read on to find out will Channie be able to change her power name back to Enchantment, what will become of her and Josh.  It was a roller coaster ride of feelings but well worth it in the end.  I look forward to reading the second book to this !

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