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Review - "Keep Breathing" by Alexia Purdy

Seth Kingston is back in town with years of regrets. Regrets for the way he left things with Penny, the hurt he caused her, and the future they could have had together. He had his reasons and now all he wants is to make amends and have a second chance at love. 

But Penny wants no part of what he’s offering. She’s accepted that life is hard, love is an illusion, and you can’t trust men. Especially men named Seth Kingston. And yet… he’s so tender with her. He’s patient, and caring.

Is it possible that he’s changed? Can they really try again?

The past has a tendency to embed its vicious talons deep into a heart, never to let go again. Penny has enough tragedy to last lifetimes and isn’t willing to let anyone scale her walls.

Can real love survive anything, even an unforgiving past?

My Review:

What would you do if the man that crushed your heart years ago suddenly appears in your life and won't leave?  Can you forgive him for what he did? or will you turn it around on him and show him what it's like?  Penny is going to do just that to Seth even though she has to keep telling herself that this is for the best and those feelings can't happen.

I was pulled into Penny & Seth's story right from the beginning.  Seeing how much he still cared for her, I wanted the two of them to get back together although I knew it would be hard for her.  I absolutely loved the "chemistry" between the two and the smart ass remarks Penny would say to Seth.  I loved that he would do anything to win her heart back but who knew it would only take one little soul to help seal her love for him.  The story is well written and flowed perfectly.  Alexia is a fantastic author and I can't wait for her next book!

I would definitely recommend adding this to your library!

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Review - "Dead Beautiful" by Yvonne Woon

On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Renée Winters was still an ordinary girl. She spent her summers at the beach, had the perfect best friend, and had just started dating the cutest guy at school. No one she'd ever known had died. But all that changes when she finds her parents dead in the Redwood Forest, in what appears to be a strange double murder.

After the funeral Renée’s wealthy grandfather sends her to Gottfried Academy, a remote and mysterious boarding school in Maine, where she finds herself studying subjects like Philosophy, Latin, and the “Crude Sciences.”

It’s there that she meets Dante Berlin, a handsome and elusive boy to whom she feels inexplicably drawn. As they grow closer, unexplainable things begin to happen, but Renée can’t stop herself from falling in love. It’s only when she discovers a dark tragedy in Gottfried’s past that she begins to wonder if the Academy is everything it seems.

Little does she know, Dante is the one hiding a dangerous secret, one that has him fearing for her life.

Dead Beautiful is both a compelling romance and thought-provoking read, bringing shocking new meaning to life, death, love, and the nature of the soul.

My Review:

Renee's life is normal until one day on the way home from the beach she finds her parents both dead in the woods. From that day on Renee's life is forever changed.  having to move with her grandfather, she is forced into a new state & school, where she learns can't help but fall for Dante...the boy who doesn't talk to anyone else :)  Renee learns that things aren't always what or whom they seem.

This book had me right from the beginning.  I felt for Renee having to find her parents and then being uprooted to a whole another state away from her friends.  I enjoyed the plot of the story with the building up to what Gottfried and Renee's family truly are.  I thought that the story was kind of dragged out in parts giving too much information on the daily school activities.  However, with that being said I absolutely loved the fact that the school is for Zombies!  Yes they teach them to live normal lives and to not go suck the souls out of everyone.

Great read!!

Release Day Blitz - "A Blue Tale" by Sarah Dosher

A Blue Tale synopsis:
The rock legend’s daughter…
Eli Blue Savage doesn’t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad.  Her heart’s been
broken by everyone she’s ever loved. Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.

The musician with a dark past…
Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction.  His life revolves around music; it’s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.

Hearts beat to the same rhythm…
Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward?  No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love – music is easy; life is hard. 

about the author:

Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins (one cowboy and one cowgirl). She spends her day slaving away in healthcare and her nights pouring her heart out to her keyboard. She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls. Her love for reading inspired her to start her writing journey.


Goodreads – A Blue Tale:

Amazon author page:
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Blog Tour - "The Ifs" by J.D. Pooker

The Ifs
J.D. Pooker

Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy

Publisher:  Little Devil Books
Date of Publication:  April 23, 2013

Number of pages:  146

Cover Artist:  Frank Walls

Book Description:  

Landon and Broden are brothers.  Some days they DO NOT get along very well. They spend most of their time fighting, arguing and plotting ways to get revenge on each other.

Then, strange things start happening… 

Noises in their room that are not the cat.

Homework is mysteriously finished. 

A broken shoelace repairs all by itself. 

Clothes are put in the hamper on their own.           

The brothers want to share their weird experiences, but they don’t know if they can trust each other. But when they find out who’s behind all the strange things around the house, they are called to battle.

Battle? Whoa! Right there in the forest by their house! A battle with the most unusual creatures and wildest of beasts. And when the battle turns more dangerous than they imagined, Landon and Broden must face their fears, put their grudges aside and learn how to work together.


“Good night, boys.  I love you.”  Mom smiled slightly as she blew each of the boys a kiss.
“Love you, too, Mom,” the brothers said in unison.
She clicked out the light and closed the door.
Landon settled into bed and closed his eyes.
He dreamt that he ran through the forest.  His breath came in pants, his legs were heavy and hard to move.  Something stomped behind him, breathing on his neck.  When he glanced over his shoulder, there was nothing but trees.  He turned back just in time to see a branch in front of his face.  He ducked just before hitting it, but the movement shifted his weight and threw him off balance.  He fell forward, rolling through dirt and leaves.  As soon as he stopped, he held his breath and listened.  The footsteps still sounded behind him.  He tried to push himself up, but he couldn’t move.  A puddle of mud surrounded him, and he sank into it.  He grabbed at the tree roots in an attempt to save himself.  Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.  Landon quit struggling and glanced around.  The forest grew darker, and someone laughed—a low, menacing laugh, like a villain in cartoons.  The renewed desire to pull himself out overwhelmed him, but his movements caused him to sink faster.  When the mud was about to cover his face, he jerked awake.
His foot connected with something on his bed, and it thumped onto the floor before scurrying across the room.  Landon wiped the sweat from his forehead and rubbed his eyes.  Cautiously, he glanced over the edge.
“Tiki?” he whispered.  “Tiki is that you?”  
He waited for the meow, but it never came.  He shrugged and hopped off the bed, walking to the bathroom to get a drink of water.  As he came back to his room, something clinked.  What was that?  He squinted in the darkness, hoping the gesture would allow him to see what made that sound.
“Tiki?” He walked to his bookshelves.  He was sure the sound came from that area.  “You know you’re not supposed to be up there.”  
He stood in front of the shelves, patting each shelf with his hand, looking for the cat.  A meow sounded behind him.  Tiki stood in the doorway.  Something thumped in the closet to his right.  His heart began to beat rapidly, and he jumped back into bed, throwing the covers over his head.  It was a zombie, he knew it.  Mom and Dad told him they didn’t exist, but he was sure they did.  What else would have made that sound?  It was going to come out of the closest, its eyes glowing red and teeth dripping with spit, and eat him.  The only protection he had was the force field created by his blankets.  Hopefully, they kept him safe.  
Landon listened intently, waiting for another sound to permeate the darkness, but nothing sounded.  He relaxed.  The zombie must have moved on.  It knew it couldn’t get through his shields.  His heart rate slowed; he took a deep breath.  Eventually, he fell back asleep.
His alarm woke him the next morning.  He poked his head out of the covers and glanced at the clock.  7:00.  He folded the covers to his waist and rubbed his eyes.  He didn’t feel very rested.  In fact, he was incredibly tired.  He wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep.  Landon finished rubbing his eyes and glanced down.  Tiki lay at the end of his bed, staring at him and blinking slowly.  Landon huffed.  Dumb cat caused a lot of issues during the night, and she looked at him like she was innocent and did nothing wrong.  It was her fault he was so tired.  But what could he do?  He had to go to school, and Mom would be mad if he hurt the cat.  The only thing he had to look forward to was that it was Friday.  He jumped onto the floor and turned to Broden.
“Hey.” He shook Broden’s shoulder.  “It’s time to get up.  We have to get ready for school.”
Broden rolled over and swatted at his brother but missed.  Landon backed out of the way.
“I’m up, I’m up,” he said.
Landon felt ornery and punched him in the arm before running down the hall.  Broden yelled at him from the bedroom.  It wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but Broden needed some motivation to get up.  As he turned to go downstairs, he heard Broden right behind him.  Landon glanced over his shoulder, smiling.  He took the stairs two at a time and went into the kitchen.  Mom sat at the table, checking her email and eating a bowl of cereal.  Phew!  Landon was safe.
“Good morning,” she said between bites.
Landon was about to answer when Broden burst into the room.  He tried to smack Landon on the head, but Landon blocked it, and the two started a slap fight.  Broden must not have noticed Mom at the table, or maybe he didn’t care.  With her there, Broden could get into a lot of trouble for starting a fight.  After all, Mom didn’t see Landon hit Broden in the bedroom, so she couldn’t punish him for that.
“Boys,” Mom called over the melee.  “It’s too early for that.  Knock it off.”
“He hit me,” Broden whined.
“No I didn’t,” Landon protested.
“I don’t care who did what.  Knock it off before I hit you both.”
The two settled down and grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal out of the cupboard.  As they sat at the table, they kicked at each other.  Landon tried to whack his brother good, but he missed and hit the table leg.  He jammed his toe and yelped in pain.  Broden laughed.  Mom just stared at him, her lips pursed.  
“I hope that teaches you a lesson,” she said and stood, taking her bowl to the sink.  She walked out of the room without saying another word.
Landon put his foot on the chair and examined his toe.  It was red and throbbing, but there was no blood, so he would be fine.  Still, it upset him that Mom didn’t get Broden in trouble.  She was there, she saw him start the fight.  Landon didn’t know why he wanted Broden to get in trouble.  He was tired and grumpy, so it sounded like a good idea.  Maybe he wanted Broden to feel as bad as he did.  Either way, it didn’t work out, and that made him angry.  He wouldn’t have hurt his toe if it weren’t for Broden.  That made him even madder.
“See, that’s what happens when you mess with me.” Broden smiled.
Landon flipped milk at him.  There was no other way to retaliate.  Plus, he knew it would upset Broden.  He’d be sticky and dirty for school.
“Mom!  Landon’s throwing food!”  
“No I’m not!” 
“Boys,” Mom called from downstairs, “you don’t have time for this.  Did everyone finish their homework?”
Landon’s eyes grew wide.  “Oh, yeah.  My math.”  He scarfed down the rest of his cereal and ran upstairs.
The night before, he’d been having a hard time solving a math problem.  He agonized over it and tried several way to find the answer, but he never did.  The paper was stained gray from him erasing his work so many times.  He was determined to finish it, but he never got the chance.  It was bedtime.  His only hope was that when he went upstairs, a new idea would come to him and he would be able to solve it.
Once in his room, he pulled on his clothes, ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth, then sat at his desk.  The anger and frustration from the morning faded away, replaced with determination to finish his assignment.  He opened his math book and pulled out the paper.  He grabbed his pencil and scanned down the paper, stopping on the problem he had been working on before bed.  Determination was replaced with confusion.  He was sure he hadn’t finished the problem, but as he stared at the paper, there were numbers filled in on the page.  The writing was crooked and light, as if whoever had written it had a hard time holding the pencil.  He scrutinized it for a long time.
Broden came into the room and pulled him out of his stupor.  Landon placed the paper back into his book.  He looked at his brother.
“Did you do my homework?”
Broden stopped getting dressed and looked at him.  “Why would I do your homework?”
“I don’t know.  To mess with me.  The writing is all sloppy.” 
Broden cocked his head to the right.  “Landon, if I wanted to mess with you, I wouldn’t do your homework for you.  I’d flush it down the toilet.”
Landon shrugged.  “Well, someone did it.”
Broden pulled on his pants.  “Maybe it was Mom.”
Landon nodded.  “Maybe.”  He placed his book in his backpack.
“Boys,” Mom called from down the hall, “are you getting ready?”
“Yes,” they answered.
“Mom,” Landon yelled, “did you do my homework?”
“Did you do my homework?”
Mom poked her head into their room.  “Why would I do your homework for you?”
Landon shrugged.  “I don’t know.  ‘Cause you felt sorry for me?”
Mom rolled her eyes.  “First of all, sweetie, I didn’t even know you were having trouble with your homework.  Secondly, I’m busy sleeping at night, not sneaking around in the dark finishing people’s homework.  Maybe it was the homework fairy.”  
Landon chuckled.  “Mom!  You know there’s no such thing.”
“There is if you believe.”  She knocked on the wall.  “Now, c’mon, we’ve got to get to school.”  She left the room.
After the boys were dressed and ready to go, they met their mom in the living room.  They piled into the car and backed down the driveway.  The ride to school was silent.  Mom pulled in front of the building and turned to face the boys.  
“Have a good day, angels.” She smiled.  “Go straight home after school.  Your dad will be waiting for you.”
“Okay, Mom,” they said as the climbed out of the car.  “Love you!”
“Love you, too!”
Landon turned and waved as he walked toward school, but Broden was already half way to the playground.  They played until the bell rang, then headed into their classrooms.

The first thing Landon’s teacher asked for that morning was the math homework.  Landon turned it in, feeling pretty proud of himself that he had finished all of it, even if he had a little help.  He came to the conclusion that he must have gotten up in the middle of the night and finished it in his sleep.  It was the only way to explain it.  Surely, the zombie in his closet didn’t do it, so who could have?  And it would explain why he was so exhausted.
He went through the rest of his day without giving it a second thought.  By the time lunch rolled around, the only thing he thought about was getting onto the playground and playing kickball.  He ate his turkey and noodles as fast as he could, then ran outside.  On his way, his shoe came untied.  While retying it, the shoelace broke.  He held the string in his hand and stared at it.
“Oh, man.” 
“Landon, c’mon!” his friends called.
He put the lace in his pocket and headed onto the field.  He’d have plenty of time to worry about it later.  Right then, the most important thing was the game.
Landon’s team was up by two points, and it was his turn to kick.  He was easily one of the best kickers in his class.  The game would be won by the bell.  There was a runner on second, and Landon was sure he could get him home.  He lined himself up at the plate and eyed the pitcher.  The boy watched him for a few seconds, his eyes narrowed to slits, before winding up his arm and tossing the ball.  Landon steadied himself and watched the ball approach.  He took one step forward and kicked.  His foot connected with the ball with a thump, sending it sailing over the other player’s heads, along with his shoe.  
At first he didn’t notice, the excitement of the great kick overwhelmed him, but when he started running, the gravel dug into the bottom of his foot.  Still, he wasn’t going to let it slow him down.  The runner on second base took off; Landon had to get to first.  He would, even if he had to limp.  He was half way there when he turned to see where the ball was.  The shortstop was crouched down with his arms out.  The ball bounced and he scooped it up, shifting it quickly to his right hand to throw.  Landon quickened his pace.  If he didn’t hurry, he would be out.  As his shoeless foot came down, he stepped on a rock.  Pain started in his heel and traveled up his calf, causing him to almost lose his balance.  He wanted to yell, but the pain took his breath away.   That, and he had to get to first base.  There wasn’t time to yell.  The shortstop cocked his arm back.  Landon braced for the blow.  Before it could come, the bell rang.  Landon stopped in his tracks, and he and the other kids groaned with disappointment.  He turned to get his shoe, then headed back into the building.
Landon was thankful to be able to sit down.  The heel he hit on the rock was on the same foot he jammed his toe.  His whole foot felt like it was pulsating.  He lifted his foot to his chair and slid his sock down.  The heel was already bruised.  A black circle surrounded by red covered part of his foot.  That was going to be sore for a while.  He was a little thankful that he couldn’t tie his shoe.  The pressure might have made his foot explode.  He replaced his sock and put his foot on the floor as the teacher handed back their homework from the night before.  Landon looked at his grade.  B.  He shrugged.  Not bad.  He glanced down the page to see which problems he missed.  The first one that caught his eye was the one he didn’t finish.  Not only was it checked, but the teacher had written a little note beside the problem.  It read:  “Please make sure I can read your writing.  This is a mess.”  Landon shook his head and stuffed the paper in his desk.
After school, Landon met Broden at the monkey bars, as usual, and they headed home.  They only lived a few blocks from school, but their mom liked to drop them off on her way to work.  They didn’t mind because that meant they got to sleep in a little bit longer.  They didn’t say anything the whole way home.  Landon’s foot was sore from the rock, although it didn’t hurt as bad as it had earlier in the day, and he had to concentrate on walking so he didn’t lose his shoe.  Broden was busy kicking a plastic bottle cap down the sidewalk.  
When they got close to the house, Broden turned and kicked the cap at Landon.  It hit Landon in the hand, and even though it wasn’t going fast enough to cause real damage, it still stung.  Landon’s gaze flicked up from the ground.  Broden smiled, then took off running.  How dare he!  He would pay for that!  Landon tried to follow him, but his shoe kept falling off, preventing him from running.  He would have taken it off, but that would make his foot hurt even more.  It didn’t really matter.  There would be plenty of time to get revenge.  Broden didn’t have anywhere to hide.
Landon walked into the house and noticed Broden hugging Dad around the waist.  He would have to wait to get back at his brother.
“Hey, sport,” Dad said.  “How was your day?”
Landon set his backpack by the couch.  “Good.”
Dad smiled.  “We’re going to go play some football in the backyard.  Do you want to come?”
He nodded enthusiastically.  “Yeah.  Let me change my shoes real quick.”  
He ran upstairs and kicked his shoe into the room.  Sitting on Broden’s bed, he took off the other one and pulled on a pair of old sneakers.  He ran back downstairs and joined his dad and brother outside.
Playing with Dad was always fun, but Landon’s foot still hurt, so he wasn’t overly excited.  Still, he tried his best.  Broden caught the first throw, so Landon promptly tackled him.  The second one was his, and Broden whacked him hard.  Broden’s shoulder dug into his back, which hurt, then when he hit the ground, the air got knocked out of him.  That was painful, too.  It took him a few moments to get to his feet.  When he did, his arm was around his waist to help with the pain.  He thought about quitting and going inside, but then Broden would tease him.  He could stick it out for a little longer.
Mom got home a few hours later, and the family ate dinner and watched a little TV.  Broden didn’t tackle him hard again, and Landon was thankful.  By the time they sat on the couch to watch cartoons, Landon was so tired, he forgot about getting revenge on his brother.  Landon and Broden went to bed at 9:00.  All night, Landon kept dreaming that someone was poking his foot, right where he stepped on the rock, with a small stick.  At one point, they poked it so hard, pain radiated through his leg, causing Landon to jerk awake.  His foot throbbed again.  He rubbed his heel for a moment, barely able to keep his eyes open.  Right before falling asleep, he couldn’t help but think something weird was going on.

About the Author:

J.D. Pooker lives in wonderful Wyoming with her husband and two sons, along with a black lab named Ryder and a sweet kitty named Alia. J.D. likes to spend time with her family and go camping, fishing, and snowmobiling. 

Her sons are the inspiration for writing children's stories. She wants to encourage them to be readers and show them how powerful and exciting the imagination can be.  She wants them to see that countless worlds exist, and all it takes to get there is a good book.

My Review:

The story is about two brothers who don't get along but get pulled into the world of The Ifs to help with a battle between two "small" brothers"  I thought the story wasn't overly too bad with the characters and the the content of the story. There were twists and turns throughout the story and even had the added helpers of animals.  With all that being said I did find I had a hard time staying with the story but felt that I should continue on at least to see what happened.  I'm not saying it's a terrible story but it just wasn't for me.

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Blog Tour - "Secret & Lies" by Christine Amsden

Fantasy/Paranormal/New Adult Romance
Date Published: 11/15/2013

Cassie Scot,still stinging from her parents’ betrayal, wants out of the magical world. But it isn’t letting her go. Her family is falling apart and despite everything, it looks like she may be the only one who can save them.
To complicate matters, Cassie owes Evan her life, making it difficult for her to deny him anything he really wants. And he wants her. Sparks fly when they team up to find two girls missing from summer camp, but long-buried secrets may ruin their hopes for happiness.

Christine Amsden

Will be available upon release


I smell trouble.

Evan Blackwood had been staring blankly at a news report about a hunt for a man who had robbed a local bank earlier in the week. Now, he stared blankly at his best friend and cousin, Scott Lee. Evan had hoped Scott would help take his mind off the woman he loved – the woman who had flatly rejected him. Instead, Scott was making things worse with dire predictions… predictions Evan had no choice but to take seriously. Scott was, after all, a powerful intuitive, whose gift had only seemed to improve after his unfortunate run-in with a werewolf ten years earlier.

What do you expect me to do? Evan asked. “Hit her over the head with a club and drag her by the hair back to my cave?
Scott snorted. “You never had to do any of that. You had her right here, in your cave, and you let her walk out. You could order her back, but you won’t.
Evan didn’t dignify the comment with a response. Scott’s instincts had always served him better when it came to physical threats rather than emotional ones, and Scott didn’t want to hear that Cassie would hate Evan for forcing her to stay with him. In Scott’s world, after she was safe, gratitude would soften her heart. Or if not that, then at least time. If Evan had ever thought anything of the sort, her reaction to his saving her life, and the life debt she now owed him, set him straight.
He had to admit, his initial marriage proposal hadn’t been at all well done. Nerves he barely acknowledged had fumbled the question into a near-command, Marry me, and she had freaked out. Still, he had hoped she would want to marry him. Now, he wasn’t even sure how he could try to convince her without inadvertently coercing her. The life debt made it difficult for her to refuse anything she knew he wanted, and impossible for her to refuse anything he directly commanded.
Scott wasn’t the first one to suggest he just claim her, either. Evan’s father, Victor Blackwood, had said much the same thing, adding: I want to see you steal that girl right out from under her father’s nose. At least Scott’s motives were better.
I spotted one of the Travises in town today, Scott said.
Evan nearly growled. “One of these days, we really need to run that family out of town.
Hey, you know I’d help you with that if it came to it, but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.
They wouldn’t go after Cassie.
I wouldn’t put anything past them.
He had a point, Evan grudgingly admitted. The Travises had always lived just outside of civilized behavior, and they seemed to make their own rules.
And I told you about the Blairs asking questions, Scott added.
You also said they were probably just trying to stir up trouble. The Blairs were mind mages, adept at manipulating people’s behaviors with a few well-chosen, well-timed words.
They may be succeeding.
Or they may be hoping to goad me into acting too soon, pushing her away.
Scott didn’t have an answer to that. Perhaps it was just as well that he didn’t understand matters of the heart, since he was too dangerous by half, the beast within him prone to violence. Scott was, perhaps, the only man in town Evan didn’t know if he could beat in a fight. He only hoped he never had to find out for sure.
Come on. Evan shut off the TV with a flicker of will, not even bothering with the remote, resting within easy arm’s reach on the end table next to him. “I can’t stay here anymore tonight. We’ll find her, make sure she’s safe, and if not, send a message to anyone stupid enough to try anything.
* * *

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my review:

This is the second in the series and it was awesome!  It picked up where book one left off.  Cassie has moved out of her parents house and is now living with her best friend.  Evan is still a thorn in her side however she can't seem not to want him around.  People are missing from a camp and with no money Cassie can't turn down the case.

I feel in love with Cassie in the very first book and love reading about her continued problems of being a normal child to witches.  She now has to face other obstacles that she never had before but still trying to deal with the backlash of her fall out with her parents.  Of course the "love" budding between Evan and Cassie is tortuous as you just want her to fess up to it :)  I am super excited to see what will happen in the next book (of course there has to be a next book ;))

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Review - "Daughter of the Red Dawn" - Alicia Michaels

These are dark times in the land of Fallada, and I fear that they will only continue to grow darker. Only the return of those we’ve lost will even the score.
It will begin with first line of the prophecy, which foretells of a red sun over the desert sky…
--Adrah, Queen of the Fae

On the outside, seventeen year-old Selena McKinley is like any other teenage girl. Yet Selena has always felt as if she doesn’t belong and is counting the days to graduation and her freedom from the small town that makes her feel so out of place, when the arrival of a stranger turns her world upside down. Selena will learn just how different she is and the truth of where she comes from.
A lost princess, they call her, the catalyst for a war involving a world that Selena was taken from as a child. An evil queen obsessed with her own beauty with a plan to enslave the human race.…the notion seems so silly, yet Selena knows in her heart that it is true. Then there is Titus, the shape shifter whose blue eyes and claims of destiny hold her heart captive. Can Selena find the strength to do what she must while following her heart?

My Review:

Selena always felt like she didn't belong and is just counting down the days until she graduates and she can move on.  Things start going strange for her when a mysterious guy shows up and before she knows it, she is thrown into a war amongst the the supernatural and she is one of seven lost princess' that will change the fate of things.  Can Selena believe that this all true and change the way things are or will she turn back and return to her "normal" life?

I am a huge fan of Alicia Micheals and this book did no disappoint!  I was instantly connected to Selena and was pulled into her life where things aren't always easy but yet she is strong willed and pulls throw things.  I was pulled into the fairy world where all creatures are threatened but yet there are the one's that want things to change.

I thought the book was well written and the flow was perfect.  I didn't feel like there were any gaps in the story and wasn't left wanting more (well of course I want to see what happens next but you know what I mean LOL).

Definitely a must add to your collection!

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Blog Tour - "The Grimm Diaries Prequels" by Cameron Jace

Title: The Grimm Diaries Prequels 1-6
Author: Cameron Jace
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fairy-tale Retelling
Published: November 19, 2012

The Grimm Diaries are pages written in a Book of Sand, where each fairy tale character confessed the true stories once altered by the Brothers Grimm two centuries ago. To keep the truth about fairy tales hidden, the Brothers Grimm buried the characters in their dreams to never wake up again. But the curse is broken now, and the characters are allowed to wake up every one hundred years. They intend to tell the truth about really happened, and about an untold cosmic conflict between fairy tale characters.

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The Grimm Diaries Prequels 1-6 recently made the Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Books of 2013 on Amazon, along with prequels 7-10, and Cameron Jace's Snow White Sorrow

About Cameron

Things you might want to know:

Cameron writes books that he can't find elsewhere, basically to amuse himself. Everything Cameron does is for fun, so don't take him seriously. Never call him a writer. He hates that. He prefers the word: Storyteller, or the boy next door who claims he can tell stories.

If you like his books, horaaaay! He loves ya too. If ya don't, hoooray! Now we know in advance that this relationship isn't going to work.

Although his books are ordinary on the surface, they hold many secrets that he might reveal one day. What matters the most to him are characters struggling to find their identities and place in the world.

Things you don't need to know:

He celebrates his birthday twice a year, the day he was born and Friday the 13th. He wants to live in a bubble house. He is a damn good guitar player. He is damn good architecture college drop out. He likes boats, beaches, bears, beards, bananas, bars, barfights, beans, bikes, bones, butter, babes, bakery, blizzards, and pirates (he thought it was spelled Birates when he was a kid.)

And honestly, writing in third person sucks! It's so fake. 

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My Review:

I have had these prequels in my library for awhile now wanting to read them as they seemed very interesting; I mean a whole new take on the classic fairy tales...awesome!  Anyway when I saw the tour was going on I had to join in and boy am I glad I did.  

Each story was fantastic!  I loved the dark side of the classic girls...Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Ridding Hood, Mary, Sleeping Beauty and ?? (God I'm forgetting who it was LOL).  I am was enthralled in each story and was left wanting more information (and since bought the first two stories).  Definitely a must add to your collection!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Blast - "Blood on the Tongue" by Stephen Booth

Title: Blood on the Tongue: A Cooper & Fry Mystery (Ben Cooper & Diane Fry #3)

Author: Stephen Booth

Genre: Mystery

Publication Date: December 3, 2013

Publisher: Witness Impulse, an Imprint of HarperCollins

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It’s a new year for Ben Cooper and Diane Fry, and that means new mysteries to solve in the icy depths of a bitter winter.

It isn’t the easiest way to commit suicide, but the dead woman seems to have simply curled up in the freezing snow and lay there until her heart stopped. There was no one to observe her death but the foxes and the hares. Yet she is riddled with bruises. Her death is horrifying -- is it also suspicious?

When two more dead bodies are found, Cooper and Fry begin to wonder if these tragedies are connected, and whether they will survive the winter…

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About the Author

STEPHEN BOOTH is an award winning British crime writer, the creator of two young Derbyshire police detectives, DC Ben Cooper and DS Diane Fry, who have appeared in twelve novels set in England’s beautiful and atmospheric Peak District.

Stephen has been a Gold Dagger finalist, an Anthony Award nominee, twice winner of a Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel, and twice shortlisted for the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year. Ben Cooper was a finalist for the Sherlock Award for the best detective created by a British author, and in 2003 the Crime Writers’ Association presented Stephen with the Dagger in the Library Award for “the author whose books have given readers the most pleasure”.

The Cooper & Fry series is published all around the world, and has been translated into 15 languages.

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Blog Tour - "Art of Appreciation" by Autumn Markus

Title: Art of Appreciation

Author: Autumn Markus

Genre: Adult Contemporary

Publication Date: December 17, 2013

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


Abby Reynolds is burned out.

Since clawing her way into a great position a

t a Boston museum, she’s been saddled with a scheming intern and a nagging boss. She’s scuttled her own painting dreams, her cat refuses to be box trained, and now the most boring man on the eastern seaboard just told her, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Her bestie Sarah offers a much-needed escape: a summer of sand, sea, and younger men in Santa Cruz…

Hot young bike racer Jason is sexy, unattached, and completely ready to spend a summer in uncomplicated flirtation. Since Abby has decided love is off the table, he seems like the perfect match.

Then she meets Matt. Sculptor, surfer (and age appropriate), he’s everything she gave up wanting and then some. He’s a grown-ass man with his own life issues: does he want to sculpt for love or for profit? What about that twentysomething model who’s always clinging to him? Is he ready to let a woman invade his Fortress of Solitude?

Abby has to decide whether she’s satisfied with leaving behind the idea of Mr. Right and settling for Mr. Right Now.

Grown up love. It’s complicated.

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About the Author

Autumn Markus traveled far and wide as a military brat, but her heart was always in the American west, where she was born. She hikes, reads and writes there still, along with snuggling her husband, four children, and a horsedog. She freelance edits for other authors, reviews Women’s Fiction for the New York Journal of Books, and is the author of the contemporary romances Cocktails & Dreams and A Christmas Wish. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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Characteristics of a great love interest—Autumn Markus
I’ve been thinking about great movie and book couples lately, and I noticed a few things all of my favorite love interests have in common. Do any of these sound familiar to you? What do you find yourself drawn to?
10) Sense of humor--Cliché as hell, but if someone can make me laugh he’s halfway home.
9) Dark hair and eyes—I have a theory about this preference: you find the unusual more attractive. My whole family is sort of blondish, with light eyes; therefore, I find dark hair and eyes crazy attractive.
8) Celts—…except for these guys. Who can resist that Celtic blue/green eye? No one else in the world has eyes like the Scots and Irish—think Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, Cillian Murphy, Gerard Butler… *sigh* Now I want to read  Highlander books…
7) A certain ‘distance’—I KNOW you know what I mean. A guy who spills his guts at every opportunity is great best friend material, but a romantic lead has to have a bit of reserve to be a challenge. Think Mr. Darcy, or one of my favorites, Inman, in Cold Mountain. 
6) A grown-ass man—I may be alone here (but I don’t think so). I’m not interested in kids, either mentally of chronologically. A man who has something he’s dealing with is okay, but if he has a whole bag of issues, he’s not for me. 
5) Good with kids—Don’t give me the sideeye! I’ve seen you oohing and aahing over pictures of Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth holding their tiny babies and looking at them with goofy grins. And don’t even get me started on Tom Hardy, Bane himself, carrying his little Batman-costumed son on his shoulder. Ovary-splosions are everywhere for this one. (Maybe this is a mom thing?)
4) Brains—A smart man is like catnip, especially when it’s paired with that sense of humor I mentioned before. Pretty only goes so far (if you’re looking for a relationship. If it’s just a hook-up, that might be enough-lol)-you have to talk to them eventually! Common sense counts here, too.
3) Unpredictability—This is a fine line. Batcrap crazy=unattractive.  Not 100% sure what he will do=charming and interesting. I’ve been with the same guy for 25 years, and he still surprises me regularly—keeps my active mind busy!
2) Body hair—I’m not talking “Ohmagaw, is that a Sasquatch?!” level, but hairless chests leave me cold. A little chest hair, a little stubble (or a sweet beard)… *girlish sigh*

1) Devotion—As long as he’s not being a doormat to unreasonable demands, a man who has your back is irresistible!